Creating groups in the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console

If the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server internal user registry is used, you can create user groups and assign security settings and roles to the groups. All users that belong to a group automatically inherit the security settings and roles that are assigned to the group.

Before you begin

  • You must have IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer or InfoSphere Information Services Director installed.
  • You must have Administrator authority.


  1. In the IBM InfoSphere Information Server console, on the Home navigator menu, select Configuration > Groups.
  2. On the Groups workspace, click New Group on the Tasks pane.
  3. Specify information about the group. The ID and the Group Name fields are required.
  4. In the Suite pane, specify the rights for the group.
  5. In the Suite Component pane, select whether the group has any suite component roles. You must add at least one suite component role for each suite component that you want the group of users to access. For example, if you are creating a group that will access IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, you must assign the Information Analyzer Project Administrator, Data Administrator, or User role.
  6. Optional: In the Users pane, click Browse to add users to the group.
    1. In the Add Users window, select the user that you want to add to the group.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Click OK to close the window.
  7. Click Save > Save and Close.

What to do next

After you create groups, you can add the groups to new or existing projects.