ExecuteScriptAction failed: File Names in the following package are too long

During a Microsoft Windows installation, if you receive a message that reads File Names in the following package are too long and the log entry indicates a CDIN5106I message that the error occurred during the IAServices install action, you can continue the installation and fix the problem afterward.


During installation, you receive the following messages:
  • com.ibm.is.install.exception.ActionException: CDIIN5125E: ExecuteScriptAction failed: the error output matched the standard error regular expression RegularExpression ( _pattern = SubstitutableValue: Token=".+", Value=".+" ).: Error Encountered the following service exception: [File Names in the following package are too long. Trim the depth of folder or the folder name length: [.]]

    CDIIN5106I: Details: InstallAction (_id = ia-report-template-baseline-analysis, _installUnitModelId = IAServices)

  • com.ibm.is.install.exception.ActionException: CDIIN5123E: ExecuteScriptAction failed: the process returned error code -1.:

    CDIIN5106I: Details: InstallAction (_id = https.deploy.predefined.general.rules, _installUnitModelId = IAServices)


The path to the package in the temporary folder is too long for Microsoft Windows to execute the script.


Microsoft Windows

Resolving the problem

  1. Continue the installation.
  2. After installation, temporarily set the TEMP environment variable to a shorter path, such as C:\temp and deploy the analysis report template (the ⇒ symbol indicates a line continuation):
    set TEMP=C:\temp
    cd IS_install_path\ASBServer\bin
    ReportingAdmin.bat -url services_url -user is_admin_user ⇒
    -password is_admin_password -deploy -templates -file ⇒


    • IS_install_path is the location where IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server is installed.
    • is_suite_path is the extracted location of the IBM InfoSphere Information Server installation image, its is-suite folder.