Configuring the connection properties to connect to InfoSphere Streams name server (InfoSphere Streams connector)

The InfoSphere Streams connector attempts to access the name server when the InfoSphere DataStage job starts. The InfoSphere Streams connector uses the InfoSphere Streams Web Server (SWS) name server service to request the Streams Application connection information.

The InfoSphere Streams connector looks up the host and the port, to connect to the Streams application, from the Streams name service. The InfoSphere Streams connector must be configured to use the Streams name server to resolve the endpoint host and port. Once the host and the port of the endpoint have been established, then the InfoSphere Streams connector attempts to make a client connection to the InfoSphere Streams job.

You need to define the following connection properties as input arguments for the name server service lookup:
  • Endpoint name
  • Application scope
  • Name server host
  • Name server port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Keystore certificate
The InfoSphere Streams name server returns the following two values as a result of the successful lookup:
  • Application host name
  • Application port number

The InfoSphere Streams connector uses the Application host name and Application port number values to connect to the InfoSphere Streams Application DSSource or DSSink operators.