InfoSphere Information Services Director tasks

By enabling integration tasks as services, InfoSphere® Information Services Director is a critical component of your application development and integration environment.

Your organization can use InfoSphere Information Services Director to complete the following tasks:

Enable real-time data warehousing
You can complete analytical processing and loading of data based on transaction triggers, ensuring that time-sensitive data in the warehouse is always current. Users can publish their existing data integration logic as services that can be called in real time from any process.
Deploy matching services
Matching services allow reference data such as customer, inventory, and product data to be matched to and kept current with a master store with each transaction. Users can package data integration logic as a shared service that can be called by enterprise application integration platforms.
Enable in-flight transformation
Enrichment logic can be packaged as shared services so that capabilities such as product name standardization, address validation, or data format transformations can be shared and reused across projects.
Reuse enterprise data services
InfoSphere Information Services Director enables the data access functions of many applications to be aggregated and shared in a tier of common services. Instead of each application creating its own access code, these services can be reused across projects, simplifying development and ensuring a higher level of consistency.

One of the major advantages of this approach is that you can combine data integration tasks with the leading enterprise messaging, enterprise application integration (EAI), and business process management (BPM) products by choosing the protocol binding that you want to use to deploy information services.