Migrating from InfoSphere DataStage

Complete these tasks to migrate IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage®.

Before you use this process to migrate jobs, review the jobs that you plan to migrate to determine which items might require manual intervention. The following list describes the additional items that you might need to manually move to the target:
  • DSParams for each project and the DSParams in the template for new projects
  • User-modified IBM InfoSphere QualityStage® overrides
  • The FTP/Sendmail template in the project directory
  • The uvodbc.config file in the project directory
  • MessageHandlers, which are under the Server directory
  • Parallel engine configuration uvconfig file which contains specific options for the environment
  • User-defined entries in the dsenv file
  • Data sources in the odbc.ini file
  • Parallel engine maps and locales
  • Parallel engine configuration files
The following list describes the additional tasks that you might need to perform:
  • Recreate user names and credential mappings
  • Run the Connector Migration tool to update connectors

For information about migrating data sets, see http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21392477.