UniVerse File and Table Access

You can access UniVerse data sources that are local to the InfoSphere® DataStage® server, as well as those on a remote server.

To access files in UniVerse systems from InfoSphere DataStage, you must define the systems in the uvodbc.config file in the relevant InfoSphere DataStage project directory on the server. The uvodbc.config file is a text file containing comments that describe how to add additional entries. The default uvodbc.config file looks like this:

*** To get to any ODBC source other than UniVerse, you need entries
*** that look as follows (the data source must also be configured
*** via the operating system's own mechanisms):
*** <data source name>
*** The local DataStage Server Engine is available via the data
*** source name "localuv" as defined below - please do not alter
*** this entry!
*** To access a remote UniVerse database, you need another entry
*** similar to that for localuv but with a remote host name in
*** place of "localhost".
*** To access a (coresident) UniVerse on the local machine, you
*** need to specify your local machine name or IP address in place
*** of "localhost".
*** Note that the spaces around the " = " signs are required, and
*** the data source name must be enclosed in angle brackets "<>".
network = TCP/IP
service = uvserver
host = localhost

You must not edit or delete the default InfoSphere DataStage entry in the file. To add an entry for a remote UniVerse system, follow the steps in Data Sources Remote from the InfoSphere DataStage Server. To access a co-resident UniVerse on the local machine, see Co-resident Data Sources.