Pre-installing the metadata repository database

You can install the metadata repository database with the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server installation program. Alternatively, you can use scripts to manually create the metadata repository database in an existing database instance.

The metadata repository is a shared component that stores design-time, runtime, glossary, and other metadata for product modules in the InfoSphere Information Server suite. The metadata repository database includes both the metadata repository and a staging area. The staging area is a schema within the metadata repository database that stores staged imports for InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager.

Important: IBM certifies and validates InfoSphere Information Server using the provided database creation scripts. If you modify the scripts beyond the changes that are specified here, IBM will not support software failures that might result from the modifications. Modifications to these scripts that do not have a functional impact might require that you make similar changes in the future to scripts that are generated by other administrative tools that depend on the information in the scripts here. You are responsible for making those changes.