Greenplum connector messages

This message reference includes the messages that are returned by the Greenplum connector.

You must be familiar with the functions of the operating system where the Greenplum connector is installed. You can use the information in this message reference to identify an error or warning and resolve the problem by using the appropriate recovery action. You can also use this information to understand where the messages are generated and logged.

The connector generates messages reported by the Greenplum driver as well as messages that it generates internally in relation to the environment configuration and general connector usage.

Each message has a message identifier that consists of a prefix (IIS) and a message number. Messages are listed in numeric sequence based upon the message number. There are three message types: Error, Warning, and Informational. Message identifiers ending with an E are error messages. Those ending with a W indicate warning. Messages ending in an I indicates informational messages.

You can view complete error details in the log file in the IBM® InfoSphere™ DataStage® and QualityStage™ Director client.