Configuring the Cognos TM1 connector

Before you can use the Cognos® TM1® connector, you must perform configuration steps on the InfoSphere® Information Server engine tier.

Before you begin

Depending on the type of communication with TM1 server, whether it is Java API or REST API, different steps are required.
Note: The Java API is available for TM1 server version 10.2 or older.


  1. Download TM1 server certificate.
    1. When using legacy Java API connection, copy the file TM1_installation_directory\bin\ssl\applixca.pem from Cognos TM1 server machine to IBM® InfoSphere Information Server Engine tier machine.
    2. When using REST API connection with web browser, navigate to URL: https://tm1_hostname:tm1_server_portnumber/api/v1/Configuration where tm1_hostname is the hostname where the TM1 is installed, and tm1_server_portnumber is the actual port number on which particular TM1 server listens for incoming connections. Then, open connection properties to review and download connection certificate in PEM format.
  2. Import the IBM Cognos TM1 certificate into the keystore of the InfoSphere DataStage® located at IIS installation_directory /ASBNode/conf/iis-ds-truststore.jks
    1. On the InfoSphere Information Server engine tier computer, open a command prompt.
    2. Change the directory to IIS installation_directory/jdk/bin.
    3. Enter the following Keytool command to import the Cognos TM1 certificate:
      keytool -import -file applixca.pem -keystore IS_installation_directory/ASBNode/conf/iis-ds-truststore.jks -storepass mystorePassword
      Note: If iis-ds-truststore.jks is an existing truststore file, then the password mystorePassword must match the existing password of the truststore file. If the truststore file iis-ds-truststore.jks does not exist, then the truststore file is created with the provided password mystorePassword.
  3. Create a property file that stores truststore password.
    1. Encrypt the truststore password by using the IIS_installation_directory/ASBNode/bin/ file or encrypt.bat file.
    2. Create the IIS_installation_directory/ASBNode/conf/ file in plain text format and add the following line: password=mystorePassword, where mystorePassword is an encrypted version of the password that is specified as the value for the -storepass parameter for the keytool import command.
  4. Java API connection only: Copy the file TM1_installation_directory/bin/classes/TM1JavaAPI.jar from Cognos TM1 server machine to IBM InfoSphere Information Server Engine tier machine and locate the file in IS_installation_directory/Server/DSComponents/bin directory. When IBM InfoSphere Information Server is installed on Windows, copy the file to IIS_installation_directory /server/DSComponents/bin directory.
  5. Java API connection only: If the Cognos TM1 server is configured with Integrated Windows authentication login, set the DS_LOGIN_CONFIG_LOCATION, DS_KERBEROS_CONFIG_LOCATION, and TM1CC_INTEGRATED_SECURITY_MODULE_NAME environment variables.
    1. On UNIX, set the environment variables in the dsenv file. On Windows, set the environment variables for the system.
    2. Restart the ASB agent and DSRPC services.
      Note: It is not required to restart the DSEngine or other IIS Services.