Setting up the metadata repository database in an IBM Db2 cluster

Use this road map to create an IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server configuration in which the metadata repository database is set up within an IBM Db2® cluster.

If you want to create a new Db2 database cluster installation, complete these tasks. If you want to integrate InfoSphere Information Server into an existing Db2 database cluster, read through the task topics to make sure that your cluster configuration is compatible with InfoSphere Information Server.

InfoSphere Information Server does not support cluster configurations of the IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer analysis database or IBM InfoSphere QualityStage® Match Designer database.

To deploy a clustered topology, you must have a solid understanding of network technologies such as protocols, layers, devices, and so on. Clustered topologies are technically complex, and require expertise to implement successfully.

If, after installation, your metadata repository database contains other data stores in addition to the metadata repository and staging area schemas, then refer to Changing configuration of other data stores to high availability after completing these steps.