Configuring InfoSphere Streams connector as a source

You can configure the InfoSphere Streams connector to process data as a source for 1 output link.


  1. On the job design canvas, double-click the Streams Connector icon.
  2. In the top left corner of the stage editor, select the output link that you want to edit.
    By editing the output link you are setting up Streams Connector to be the source.
  3. Specify the Link and Description properties.
  4. Optional: Click Configure to configure additional properties. Select one endpoint from the displayed list of application names together with endpoint names that are imported into the repository. Click OK. The tuple definition of the endpoint is loaded into the list of columns on the output link and the columns currently defined for the link are deleted and replaced by the columns defined by the tuple definition.
  5. Specify additional details in the Properties tab, the Columns tab, and the Advanced tab.
  6. Click OK to save the connection settings.