Compiling and running a job

When you finish designing a job, compile and run it. Then use the log file to gather information that might help you adjust the job configuration or correct error conditions.

About this task

After you compile a job, you can use either the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® and QualityStage® Director or IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Designer to run the job.


  1. In the Designer client, open the job that you want to compile.
  2. Click Compile.
  3. If the Compilation Status area displays errors, edit the job to resolve the errors. After resolving the errors, click Compile again.
  4. When the job compiles successfully, click Run, and specify the job run options:
    1. Enter the job parameters, as required.
    2. Click the Validate button to check the job configuration without actually reading or writing any data.
    3. Click the Run button to read, write, or look up data.
  5. View the status of the job:
    1. Open the Director client.
    2. In the Status column, verify that the job was validated and completed successfully. If the job or the validation failed, choose View > Logto view messages that describe runtime problems.
  6. If the job has runtime problems, fix the problems, recompile, validate, and run the job until it completes successfully.