IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard tasks

InfoSphere® Information Governance Dashboard provides access to metadata that you can use to assess and monitor the implementation of your information governance policies and rules. You can use the companion SQL views, Cognos reports, and dashboards to assess your information governance progress. You can also customize the reports to suit your needs.

To get a global enterprise view of all information governance metadata, you can use the InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard graphs and reports for these tasks:
Show execution results and target achievements for data rules, data rule sets, and metrics. Show data rule bindings between data rules and database assets.
The data quality charts show success and failure percentages for all runs of data rules. The charts also show the number of data rule run results that did not meet the target during the latest runs of data rules per policy, per information governance rule, and per steward.
Monitor the implementation of your information governance setup.
The information governance performance charts show how well you are achieving your data quality targets and how well you implemented and provided stewards for your policies and information governance rules.
Gain insight into the relationships between information governance assets, stewards that are responsible for the assets, and terms that those assets are assigned to.
The term metric charts show the number of terms of the statuses accepted, candidate, deprecated, and standard. The charts also show the number of terms that have stewards or assigned database assets.
Track how recent or out-of-date your data rule runs are and gain confidence in the information you have.
The information recency charts track how recent or out-of-date your data rule runs are, based on the most recent runs of the data rules. Identifying the oldest runs helps you ensure that your information is current.