Status bar

After you submit a job that requires processing, the status bar is displayed at the bottom of the workspace.

The status bar shows the progress of activities, error messages, and warnings. You use the status bar to monitor any jobs or activities that you initiated.

The status bar can be in one of the following states:
When no activities are running, the status bar is closed.
Activity in progress
When an activity or job is running, the status bar remains closed and displays a green status indicator that moves across the length of the bar.
When you initiate an activity or when an activity is completed, the status bar opens briefly and shows details about the status of the activity. When an activity is running, you can view more information about the status of the activity by rolling your cursor over the status bar to open the status pane. The status pane contains a larger progress bar, summary information about the activity, and a Details button. You can roll over the status bar at any time to view the status of the jobs or activities that you initiated.
To view information about the status of an activity, click the Details button in the status pane. You can view details such as the time that the activity started running and whether there are any system warnings or errors. The Details state lists all the activities and jobs that you initiated.