You can use the palettes to view a history of your activities and to open workspaces, access shortcuts, and manage notes. You can dock, float, or anchor the palettes. By default, the palettes are located on the left side of the console.

To open the palettes, click one of the tabs.
Figure 1. The Palettes tabs
Shows the palettes tab on the right-hand side of the console.
Use this palette to view the notes that are associated with an object. Notes are only available for some product modules.
Use this palette to go to workspaces or panes for which you previously created shortcuts.
Use this palette to view a list of the workspaces you visited. The current or most recently visited workspace is at the top of the list.
Open Workspaces
This palette shows all open workspaces. Project-specific workspaces are grouped by project.
To hide the palettes, click outside of the pane.