Set Hive parameters property

Use the Set Hive parameters property to run the hive set statements and to set the hive parameters in each transaction, immediately after the transaction begins.


Statements that are specified in the Set Hive parameters property are run every time the connector starts a transaction and before any records are processed in the transaction. Informational messages are written to the job log at the end of the job to indicate the number of times SET statements specified in the property were completed on individual processing nodes for the stage. More than one statement can be specified by using “;” as a separator

The statements specified in this property are executed before the Before SQL Statement. The option Stop the job when unable to set Hive parameters can be set to Yes, if we want the job to abort when the parameters are not set properly. Otherwise it can be set to No. By default, the value is set to No.

The following example statement enforces sorting while inserting a record in the hive datasource:

SET hive.enforce.sorting = true