Migration from 11.7

The properties in the connection section have been reworked due to addition of metadata import feature.

Due to addition of metadata import feature, the properties in the Connection section have been reworked. Old compiled jobs will still work in DataStage. However their HBase Connector stages properties will have to be updated for data lineage feature of Information Governance Catalog to work properly.
Note: When you open the stage in the designer, the old properties will be overwritten by the new ones with default values. Once you save the changes, previous values will be lost and connection properties will have to be filled from the beginning. This also occurs when you recompile the old job.

To resolve this, use Connector Migration Tool which will migrate jobs by upgrading the HBase Connector to the newest version and mapping the properties between the two. Outdated stages will cause their jobs to become migratable which should be visible in the UI or in command line report. Since original jobs are best left untouched, you must use Clone and migrate job in Migration tools user interface or -C option when using command line.