Importing metadata

Before you use the Cassandra connector to read or write data, you can use InfoSphere® Metadata Asset Manager to import metadata about files and folders in Cassandra.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have the privileges to connect and import the metadata from the Cassandra cluster.

About this task

The Cassandra Connector imports metadata about cluster, key-spaces, tables and columns from DataStax Enterprise (DSE). The following types of metadata are imported and stored in the metadata repository of InfoSphere Information Server:

  • - HostSystemComma - separated list of addresses(with ports) of cluster nodes - as specified in 'Cluster contact points' property. Alternatively any desired label specified in Identity Parameters. HostSystem contains databases.
  • - Database - The name of the cluster as specified in cluster_name of cassandra.yaml. Databases contain schemas.
  • - DataSchema - Cassandra Keyspaces are mapped to DataSchemas. They contain tables.
  • -Tables - Tables contain columns.
  • - Column - Column definition. Data connection. The data connection that you use is also saved to the metadata repository.


What to do next

Use the metadata that you imported to create table definitions in InfoSphere DataStage.