Importing BigQuery metadata

Before you design jobs that use the BigQuery connector to read or write data, you can use InfoSphere® Metadata Asset Manager to import the metadata that represents tables in the BigQuery data warehouse. The imported metadata is then saved in the metadata repository.

About this task

Using the BigQuery connector, you can import metadata for the following types of assets:
  • The host computer
  • The database
  • Database schemas
  • Database tables. All imported tables are stored in the metadata repository as database tables
  • Database columns

When you import BigQuery data warehouse metadata using the InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager, you can import only the objects of the type Table and the Columns. The BigQuery data warehouse does not provide any information about the System Objects or any other type of assets.


Import metadata by using InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager.
For more information about importing metadata by using InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager, see the online product documentation in IBM Knowledge Center or the IBM® InfoSphere Information Server Guide to Managing Common Metadata.

What to do next

Use the metadata that you imported to create table definitions in InfoSphere DataStage.