IIS-CONN-JRULES-00032E    The connector encountered a malformed column description: description text. The description for the output column should be in format: CC_JRULES(method_name);. The specified description contains multiple method names for the same column.


The Description attribute value for a column on one of the output links of the stage included a CC_JRules expression that is not formatted correctly . The column Description attribute values are used to specify the mapping between the IBM® WebSphere® ILOG® JRules rule set parameter method and the link columns. Each Description attribute value includes one or more CC_JRules expressions separated by semicolons. The expressions for the output link must be in the format CC_JRules(method_name) where method_name is the name of the rule set parameter class method. Only one class method can be specified, but the specified description contains an expression with multiple values for the class method.

User response

Correct the Description attribute value for the column to include CC_JRules expressions in the format CC_JRules(method_name). For more information about the format, see the connector documentation in the InfoSphere® Information Server in IBM Knowledge Center.