IIS-CONN-JRULES-00031E    The connector encountered a malformed column description: description text. The expression expression text has the index that is not an integer. The expression should be in format: CC_JRULES(method_name,index) and the index value must be a positive integer.


The Description attribute value for a column on one of the output links of the stage included a CC_JRules expression that is not formatted correctly. The column Description attribute values are used to specify the mapping between the IBM® WebSphere® ILOG® JRules rule set parameter method and the link columns. Each Description attribute value includes one or more CC_JRules expressions separated by semicolons. The expressions for the input link must be in the format CC_JRules(method_name,index) where method_name is the name of the rule set parameter class method and index is the method argument index, starting with 1 for the first argument. The specified expression contains an invalid integer for the index.

User response

Correct the Description attribute value for the column to include CC_JRules expressions in the format CC_JRules(method_name,index) where index is a positive integer, starting with 1 for the first method argument. For more information about the format, see the connector documentation in the InfoSphere® Information Server in IBM Knowledge Center.