IIS-CONN-JRULES-00021E    The connector could not load XOM class class name for the output link at index link index. The output link indexes are zero-based. The reported error is: error text.


When the XOM type property is set to Java XOM, the connector must be able to load Java™ classes for rule set parameters that are associated with all output links that are not reject links. The connector could not load the class name Java class for the output link at the specified index.

User response

Ensure that the specified Java class is present in the class path that is specified for the stage. The .jar file with the class definition or the directory with the class file must be included in the class path. If the error is at the operating system level or IBM® WebSphere® ILOG® JRules product level, consult the relevant documentation for more details and suggestions about how to resolve the error.