IIS-CONN-JRULES-00018E    The connector encountered zero batch size but the key processing is enabled and the ruleset contains non-array parameters. The batch size must be greater than zero in this case.


When key mode is enabled for the stage and the batch size is set to 0, the connector reads records from the master link until the key value changes. The connector then reads records from the secondary links and reads records that have key field values that match the key field value of the records from the master link. In this scenario, all rule set parameters that are associated with input links must be based on Java™ array types. Therefore, all the input links must be associated with array parameters. However, the rule set parameter for one or more input links is based on a nonarray Java type.

User response

Complete one of the following tasks:
  • Ensure that the Java classes of all rule set parameters that are associated with input links are based on Java array types.
  • Configure the stage to run in batch mode or in key mode with a batch size that is greater than zero.

For more information about batch and key modes of operation, see the connector documentation in the InfoSphere® Information Server in IBM® Knowledge Center.