IIS-CONN-JRULES-00005E    The connector was configured to propagate unmatched fields with the matching based on input and output Java object identifiers, and the output Java object identifier does not match the identifier of any Java object on input.


The connector was configured to propagate unmatched fields based on the Java™ object identifiers. The connector received a Java object from IBM® WebSphere® ILOG® JRules. When the connector processed the Java object to populate fields of the record on the corresponding output link, the connector determined that the object does not match any of the Java objects that were created from the input link field values and passed to IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules in the same rule execution cycle. As a result, the connector cannot propagate the unmatched field values to the output link that is associated with the Java object.

User response

Complete one of the following tasks:
  • Ensure that the identity of the Java object that was created for the input link for which unmatched field propagation is needed is preserved as the object is processed by the IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules rule set. Typically, the rule set parameter must be defined as an input/output rule set parameter.
  • Disable unmatched field propagation for the stage.
  • Configure the stage to use a propagation strategy that is not based on Java object identifiers.