IIS-CONN-HIVE-20002W   The link column column_name is defined as ds_data_type and the respective column in the Hive data source is defined as hive_data_type. To match the data source column definition the link column should be defined as preferred_ds_data_type.


To verify the schema column definitions, the connector compared the design schema column (on the link) with the external schema column (in the data source). It detected that the currently specified definition for the link column column_name is not the optimal one.

User response

Change the data type of the specified link column as indicated in the message to resolve the mismatch. You can also ignore the warning if the driver supports the value specified in the format implied by the link column data type. To eliminate the warning messaged without making changes to the column definitions on the link, disable the option to report schema mismatch in the connector properties for the link.