IIS-CONN-DB2-00437E The connector cannot be selected as partitioner or the Write mode set to Bulk load with more than one node in the environment configuration when the table action is Create or Replace and the Create statement is generated at runtime.


The CREATE TABLE statement could not be generated at run time.
An error occurred when trying to create or replace a table using the CREATE statement that was generated at run time. Typically this error occurs for one of the following reasons:
  • When the Write mode property is set to Bulk load and there is more than one node in the environment configuration file.
  • If the Partition type property is set to Db2 connector, then the partitioning information about the target table is necessary to map the DataStage nodes to the Db2 partitions.

User response

Change the Usage > Table action > Generate create statement at runtime property to No and manually specify the CREATE TABLE statement.