IIS-CONN-DB2-00368E Error in environment configuration: Node Node specifies Db2 partition number Db2 partition number, which is not a valid partition number for the specified target table.


An error occurred in the environment configuration. The node is Node. Db2 partition number is Db2 partition number.

An error occurred in the environment configuration file. Typically this error occurs when the Db2 partition number specified in the configuration file is not a valid partition in the database. This error message occurs only in Version 8.1 Fix Pack 2 and higher versions when the database is Db2 for z/OS.

User response

Do one of the following actions:
  • Correct the Db2 resource for the specified node in the DataStage configuration file to a valid partition number.
  • Allow the connector to map the Db2 partitions to DataStage nodes by deleting all the Db2 resource entries from the configuration file.