IIS-CONN-DB2-00294E Error Error code occurred while closing the named pipe.


The Db2 loader could not close the named pipe. The error code is Error code.

The Db2 loader could not close the named pipe. This error might be a warning message when the load is aborted because of some other error.

User response

Do the following:
  • For more information about the error codes, see the IBM Knowledge Center for your version of Db2. If it is an error, it indicates that all the data has been provided to the Db2 loader, but this error is preventing the operating system from closing the end of the named pipe for the connector. The table was left in the LOAD PENDING state. If you set the Cleanup on failure property to Yes, then the connector will move the table to NORMAL state.
  • Verify that the table is in the expected state and the state of the data in the table. After verifying, attempt the load again.