IIS-CONN-DB2-00282E The LOB locator query returned more than one row. Query: LOB locator query


The LOB locator query LOB locator query returned more than one record.

The Db2 connector executed the specified query statement, which returned more than one record. Typically this error occurs when the source table has been modified or the query does not contain enough key columns to ensure uniqueness.

User response

Do one of the following actions:
  • Verify that the LOB locator query is correct in the record.
  • Verify whether the LOB locator query returns a single record by executing it on the Db2 command line by using the valid user name and password.
  • Verify whether the query key column is unique.
  • Correct the query by designating additional key columns. This is required because there may be columns in the table that are part of the key but have not been indicated as "key" columns on the Columns tab of the Db2 connector properties.