High availability for Db2 systems

You can configure Db2 for high availability, to ensure that a failing Db2 node is replaced with a backup node.

To ensure that Db2 connector jobs are compatible with a Db2 high availability environment, complete the following steps:
  • When a failing Db2 node is replaced by a backup node, the actual host name of a system can change. To support this situation, use virtual host names to catalog Db2 nodes.
  • If you use the APT configuration file to specify Db2 nodes, then you must specify the actual Db2 host names in the APT configuration file for all active Db2 nodes and all backup Db2 nodes. The connector uses only the active Db2 nodes. When backup nodes become operational or active, the connector detects the change and looks for the backup nodes in the APT configuration file. If a Db2 node fails while a job runs, the job fails.
  • You must restart the job after the backup nodes become operational or active.