Generating SQL statements in the connector at design time

You can configure the connector to generate SQL statements at design time in their statement properties.

Before you begin

Create a job that includes a connector as a source or target.

About this task

You can generate the SQL statement text only for those statement properties that have the Generate SQL statement option in the Build list.
Note: Under some circumstances, the connector requires a connection to generate SQL statements. When a user name and password are not supplied and a connection is required, a connection is made by using the user who is running the ASB Agent service.


  1. Double-click the connector on the job canvas to open the stage editor.
  2. In the navigator, click the output or input link, depending on the type of job that you create.
  3. Set Generate SQL at runtime to No.
  4. In the Table name property, type the name of the table for the SQL statement.
  5. For jobs in target context (input links), select the type of statement you want to generate in the Write mode property.
  6. On the Columns page, define the columns to use in the SQL statement.
  7. Click the Properties tab.
  8. Click the Build button that is associated with the statement property, and select Generate SQL statement from the list.
    Note: The Generate SQL statement option will only be available for statements which that connector supports generating at design time. In some cases a connector may only support generating the SQL at runtime during job execution.
  9. Click OK to save the job.