Defining a job that includes the Cassandra connector

To read or write data in a Cassandra database, you can create a job that includes the Cassandra connector. Then, you add any additional stages that are required and create the necessary links.


  1. In the InfoSphere® DataStage® and QualityStage® Designer client, select File > New from the menu.
  2. In the New window, select the Parallel Job icon, and then click OK.
  3. Add the Cassandra connector to the job:
    1. In the palette, select the Database category. Locate Cassandra in the list of available databases, and click the down arrow to display the available stages.
    2. Drag the Cassandra connector stage to the canvas.
    3. Optional: Rename the Cassandra Connector stage.
      Choose a name that indicates the role of the stage in the job.
  4. Create the necessary links and add additional stages for the job:
    • For a job that reads data from Cassandra table, create the next stage or many stages in the job, and then create one or more output links from the Cassandra connector to the next stage or stages.
    • For a job that writes data to a Cassandra table, create one or more links from other stages in the job to the Cassandra Connector stage.
  5. Save the job.