Configuring input and output link properties

The ILOG® JRules stage that invokes the selected JRules ruleset contains input and output links. The ILOG JRules stage supports multiple input and output links. In the key mode, input records must be sorted and correlated by a common key. There is a master input link and one or more secondary input links.


  1. Open the ILOG JRules connector stage.
  2. Open the input link Properties tab.
  3. In the Ruleset parameter name field, specify the name of the ruleset parameter as defined in the ruleset signature.
  4. In the Ruleset parameter class field, specify the Java™ XOM class for the ruleset parameter that is associated with the link.
    If the Java XOM class is an array, then the parameter name must end with []. If the Java XOM class is a Dynamic XOM, this field must be left empty.
  5. If the Propagate unmatched fields option is enabled in the stage properties and the Field propagation strategy option is set to Match using key values present in records, in the Propagation Key Column field, specify the propagation key column to be used.
  6. (Optional) To convert the input link as a buffer link, set the Buffer link field to Yes.
  7. Click OK to save.