Building SQL statements

Use the graphical interface of SQL builder to construct SQL statements that run against databases.

You can construct the following types of SQL statements.
Table 1. SQL statement types
SQL statement Description
SELECT Selects rows of data from a database table. The query can perform joins between multiple tables and aggregations of values in columns.
INSERT Inserts rows in a database table.
UPDATE Updates existing rows in a database table.
DELETE Deletes rows from a database table.

You can use the SQL builder from various connectivity stages that IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® supports.

Different databases have slightly different SQL syntax (particularly when it comes to more complex operations such as joins). The exact form of the SQL statements that the SQL builder produces depends on which stage you invoke it from.

You do not have to be an SQL expert to use the SQL builder, but it helps to have some familiarity with the basic structure of SQL statements in this documentation.

Avoid using column names that are SQL reserved words as their use might result in unexpected results when the SQL is built or run.