Integrating Java Code (Java Integration stage)

When you use IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® to invoke Java™ code, you can choose from a collection of connectivity options. For most new jobs, use the Java Integration stage, which offers better functionality and performance.

The Java Integration stage can be used in the following topologies:
  • As a source with one or more output links
  • As a target with one or more input links and zero or more reject links
  • As a transformer with one or more input links and one or more output or reject links
  • As a lookup stage with one reference output link
The Java Integration stage is one of several different stages that invokes Java code. In addition to the Java Integration stage, the following stages are available:
  • Java Client stage
  • Java Transformer stage

If you want to integrate Java code into a server job, you must use one of the older stages instead of the Java Integration stage.

If you have jobs that use the older stages and want to use the Java Integration stage, use the Connector Migration Tool to migrate jobs to use connectors.