UniVerse Connection Parameters

The UniVerse connection parameters are set on the General and Details tabs on the Stage page.

About this task


To connect to a UniVerse data source:

  1. Choose the data source name from the Data source name list. This list contains all the data sources defined in the Table Definitions > UniVerse folder in the repository.

    If the data source name you want is not listed, you can either type the name in the Data source name field or create a table definition.

  2. Type the user name to use in the User name field. You can specify a job parameter here, in the form #parameter#.
  3. Type the password to use in the Password field. You can specify a job parameter here, in the form #parameter#, but it will be displayed as asterisks.
    Note: If you are connecting to a remote UniVerse system using LAN Manager, or accessing a data file in localuv, you do not need to specify a user name and password. In the case of localuv data sources, the User name and Password fields are disabled.
  4. Type an optional description of the UniVerse stage in the Description field.
  5. If you are using a DSN other than localuv, click the Details tab. The Details tab appears at the front of the Stage page.
  6. Specify the UniVerse account to use for the connection either by account name or account directory:
    • Use account name. Type the account name in the Account name field. This must represent a valid UniVerse account which is also a schema.
    • Use directory path. Specify the directory path where the project is stored in the Directory path field.
      Note: If you are accessing a file on localuv, you do not need to specify an account or directory path, and the Details tab is disabled.


You can use a job parameter in any of the fields described in steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6.