Parallel processing in InfoSphere Information Server

Companies today must manage, store, and sort through rapidly expanding volumes of data and deliver it to end users as quickly as possible.

To address these challenges, organizations need a scalable data integration architecture that contains the following components:

  • A method for processing data without writing to disk, in batch and real time.
  • Dynamic data partitioning and in-flight repartitioning.
  • Scalable hardware that supports symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), clustering, grid, and massively parallel processing (MPP) platforms without requiring changes to the underlying integration process.
  • Support for parallel databases including Db2®, Oracle, and Teradata, in parallel and partitioned configurations.
  • An extensible framework to incorporate in-house and vendor software.

IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server addresses all of these requirements by exploiting both pipeline parallelism and partition parallelism to achieve high throughput, performance, and scalability.