Integrated metadata management in InfoSphere Information Server

Tools for data profiling, data modeling, data transformation, data quality, and business intelligence play a key role in data integration. The integrated metadata management capabilities of IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server enable these tools to work together to meet your enterprise goals.

Metadata management in InfoSphere Information Server offers many advantages:

  • Sharing metadata throughout the suite from a single metadata repository creates accurate, consistent, and efficient processes.
  • Changes that you make to source systems can be quickly identified and propagated throughout the flow of information.
  • You can identify downstream changes and use them to revise information in the source systems.
  • You can track and analyze the data flow across departments and processes.
  • Metadata is shared automatically among tools.
  • Glossary definitions provide business context for metadata that is used in jobs and reports.
  • Data stewards take responsibility for metadata assets such as schemas and tables that they have authority over.
  • By using data lineage, you can focus on the end-to-end integration path, from the design tool to the business intelligence (BI) report. Or you can drill down to view any element of the lineage.
  • You can eliminate duplicate or redundant metadata to create a single, reliable, version that can be used by multiple tools.