InfoSphere Data Replication

InfoSphere® Data Replication is a high-volume, low-latency data replication solution that uses WebSphere® MQ message queues for high availability and disaster recovery, data synchronization, and data distribution.

Data is replicated from source production systems to secondary databases, making current data available for live reporting without impacting source systems. By distributing and consolidating data across geographies, InfoSphere Data Replication enables your organization to synchronize data globally to increase visibility and maintain transactional integrity.

InfoSphere Data Replication detects and responds to data changes in source systems, publishes changes to subscribed systems, and feeds changed data into other modules for event-based processing. Changed-data events are formatted into XML messages and published as WebSphere MQ messages that can be used by other applications to drive subsequent processing. InfoSphere Data Replication can feed changed data from any source relational database management system (RDMS) and information management system into IBM® Netezza® directly, or by using InfoSphere DataStage® and QualityStage®. These monitoring capabilities increase visibility into the health and performance of your replication environment.

Active-active continuous high availability ensures that your secondary database is always ready as a backup to maintain continuity. Your organization can migrate applications and databases between platforms without interruption to your business.