Configuring the ODBC driver and creating the data source (Microsoft Windows)

If InfoSphere® Information Server runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system, after you install the ODBC driver, you must configure the driver and create the data source.


  1. To create the data source, complete these steps: .
    1. From Microsoft Windows, choose Start > Control panel > Administrative Tools > Data sources (ODBC)
    2. On the System DSN tab, click Add to add a new data source.
    3. Select IBM InfoSphere Classic ODBC Driver V9.5 and then click Finish.
    4. Select TCP/IP as the communications interface, and press OK.
    5. On the General tab of the InfoSphere Classic ODBC Driver Setup page, enter the data source name, host IP address, and port number of the data server. The data source name that you enter must match the name of the query processor service on the data server.
  2. Use the Microsoft ODBC Test application, which is available from Microsoft, to test the connection to the data server.