Uninstalling IBM Glossary Anywhere

You can uninstall IBM® Glossary Anywhere by using either the Microsoft Windows program removal utility or a silent uninstallation script.

About this task

You can uninstall Glossary Anywhere by using the program removal utility provided with the Windows operating system. Or, you can uninstall by using a customized script. The file ExampleSilentUninstallBGA.bat is a sample file that you can add to or change to create a customized script. The file also works if you make no changes or additions.


Uninstall by using one of two methods:
  • Use the program removal utility that is provided with your version of the Windows operating system.
  • Use the customizable silent installation script. To use this script:
    1. Navigate to the directory from which you installed Glossary Anywhere.
    2. (Optional) Edit the unininstallation script file ExampleSilentUnInstallBGA.bat to customize it. For example, you might want to add to the error codes and messages that are reported. Save the changes.
    3. Open a Windows command prompt window, and navigate to the directory containing the file.
    4. Type the name of the file (ExampleSilentUnInstallBGA.bat) in the command prompt window.
    5. After the script has executed, close the command prompt window.
    If an error occurs during execution of the script, check the log file BGAInstall.log. This file is located in the same directory as the uninstallation script.