Preparing for enterprise-wide distribution

To prepare for installing the IBM® Glossary Anywhere client on many computers in an enterprise, administrators can edit a configuration file so that the same settings are installed for each user. Administrators can also use a customizable silent installation script, and install the client with application management and deployment software.

Before you begin

  • You must know the name and port number of the system where Glossary Anywhere is installed. For detailed information about the name and port number requirements, see Configuration parameters in the config.ini file.
  • Uninstall previous versions of Glossary Anywhere that are on any target computers. To learn how to retain existing Glossary Anywhere client configuration settings, see Retaining settings for Glossary Anywhere.
  • Target computers must have Microsoft Windows and Microsoft .NET Framework 2, Service Pack 1 or later service pack installed. See the InfoSphere® Information Server version 11.7.1 system requirements for the specific versions of Windows that are supported.
  • The client computers that Glossary Anywhere will be installed on must have a verified certificate.

About this task

You must install and configure the Glossary Anywhere client separately from the installation of IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog and other components of InfoSphere Information Server. The client runs on individual user computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.

If you are an administrator and must deploy Glossary Anywhere on multiple client computers, you can take advantage of the following features:
  • You can edit the config.ini configuration file so that Glossary Anywhere is installed with the same settings throughout the enterprise. The config.ini file specifies parameters such as connection information to the server that hosts InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog, language settings, text capture method, and which asset types users can search for. Users can later change these settings on their individual installed version of Glossary Anywhere.
  • You can install Glossary Anywhere with a silent installation script. You can edit the installation script to modify the source and target installation directories and other parameters.
  • You can deploy the client to many target computers at one time by using application management and deployment software such as IBM Endpoint Manager.


  1. Copy the file from the root of the installation media to a local computer, where file_name includes the version of the client that you want to install.
    This file is a compressed file that contains all of the required installation files.
  2. Uncompress the file.
  3. Optional: In the root of the installation directory, open config.ini with a text editor. Change the configuration values for your site.
    Note: The values that you configured in the config.ini file take effect the first time you install the Glossary Anywhere client on each user computer. For updates of the same version and release to a new modification level, configuration changes must be made manually within each client, from the Settings screen. For updates to a new version or release level, you must uninstall the existing version of Glossary Anywhere and install the new version.

What to do next

Next, install the Glossary Anywhere client in either of the following ways: