SSL certificates for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

After installation, you can change the SSL server key for IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment through the WebSphere Application Server administrative console. You can generate a new key and self-signed certificate, such as when your current certificate expires. You can have an existing certificate signed with a trusted certificate authority (CA).

For more details about WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment SSL configurations see Default chained certificate configuration in SSL.

If you install WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment during the installation of IBM InfoSphere® Information Server, the SSL key and self-signed certificate is generated with the following information:

The key subject and issuer distinguished name. They are both identical since the certificate is self-signed. The default value is as follows:
CN=current_host_name,OU=Software Group,O=IBM,C=US
The number of days that the key is valid. The default value is 5475 (15 years).
The keystore password and key password. A different keystore password and key password is not currently supported; both are identical. The default value is WebAS.