Specifying the location of the remote shell (rsh) program (AIX® Linux®)

When the parallel engine tries to establish a remote shell, it searches for the remote shell (rsh) program in a specific set of paths, in a specific order. If the rsh program is not in one of these paths, you must specify the path location explicitly in the remsh file.

About this task

The parallel engine searches the paths in the following order:

  • install_dir/etc/remsh, where install_dir is the top-level directory where the engine tier is installed.
  • /usr/lpp/ssp/rcmd/bin/rsh
  • /usr/ucb/rsh
  • /usr/bin/remsh
  • /bin/remsh
  • /usr/bin/rsh

If the rsh program is not in one of these paths, follow this procedure to specify the path to rsh in the first path that the engine searches: install_dir/etc/remsh.


  1. Copy or rename the file install_dir/etc/remsh.example to install_dir/etc/remsh.
    This file contains the following shell script, which invokes /usr/bin/rsh:
    exec /usr/bin/rsh "$@"
  2. Edit the last line of the shell script to invoke the specific remote shell command that you are using.
    For example:
    exec /usr/local/remsh "$@"
  3. To ensure that all users can run the command, run the chmod command:
    chmod 755 install_dir/etc/remsh
  4. Test the shell script by running rsh on each processing node:
    rsh node_name uptime