Synchronizing nodes after changing the master repository configuration

When you change the master repository configuration, synchronize the nodes to ensure that changes are propagated to all nodes in the cell.

About this task

WebSphere® Application Server synchronizes nodes internally on a regular and automatic basis. However, you can also synchronize the nodes whenever you need to, instead of waiting for WebSphere Application Server. For example, change the master repository configuration when you add a new cluster member or change a security setting.
Important: Nodes need to be synchronized whenever there is a change to the master repository configuration, including updates to the topology or cell configurations.


  1. Log in to the WebSphere Application Server administrative console.
  2. Expand the System administration section and then click Nodes.
  3. Select the nodes that you want to synchronize (most likely all of them).
  4. Click Synchronize or Full Synchronize.
    For information about the difference between Synchronize and Full Synchronize, refer to the IBM® WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment section about synchronizing the node configuration: