Managing data stores

You can centrally manage the installed data stores that are used by various tools and product modules in IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server.

When you install InfoSphere Information Server, you create and register the data stores needed for the various product modules. The product modules' data stores are located within one or more databases on one or more database servers. Regardless of the location of a data store, its name must be unique across all database servers in InfoSphere Information Server. Likewise, database names must also be unique.

Although you register data stores during installation of the repository tier, there might be cases where you want to change and manage the data stores, for example, if you are moving from test into production or if you want to add another operations database for an additional engine. There are various tasks for managing data stores and various reasons for doing each.

Note: The tool to administer data stores is called the RepositoryAdmin tool. In the following topics, data stores are referred to as repositories to match the name of the tool.