Accessing the product documentation

Documentation is provided in the online IBM® Knowledge Center.

IBM Knowledge Center contains the most up-to-date information for InfoSphere® Information Server. IBM Knowledge Center contains help for most of the product interfaces, as well as complete documentation for all the product modules in the suite. You can open IBM Knowledge Center from the installed product or from a web browser.

Accessing IBM Knowledge Center

There are various ways to access the online documentation:

  • Click the Help link in the upper right of the client interface.
  • Type the address in a web browser, for example, when you are not logged in to the product.

    Enter the following address to access all versions of InfoSphere Information Server documentation:

    If you want to access a particular topic, specify the version number with the product identifier, the documentation plug-in name, and the topic path in the URL. For example, the URL for the 11.5 version of this topic is as follows. (The ⇒ symbol indicates a line continuation):⇒

    The knowledge center has a short URL as well:
    To specify a short URL to a specific product page, version, or topic, use a hash character (#) between the short URL and the product identifier. For example, the short URL to all the InfoSphere Information Server documentation is the following URL:

    And, the short URL to the topic above to create a slightly shorter URL is the following URL (The ⇒ symbol indicates a line continuation):⇒