Post installation required configuration

Complete these configuration tasks after you install IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server with optional Enterprise Search to make sure that you are ready for your first use of the newly installed software.


  1. Create a connection to the IADB repository.
    1. Click Metadata Asset Manager from the Launchpad.
    2. Click the Import tab and then click New Import Area.
    3. Specify iadb for Import Area Name.
    4. Assuming that you are using Db2 as your IA database, click IBM InfoSphere DB2 Connector under IBM and then click the Next button.
    5. Click the Select data connection icon and then click New Data Connection. Specify iadb for Name, and enter the user name and password for IA user for the selected IADB database.
    6. Click Test Connection to validate the information. If the validation is successful, select Save Password and click OK.
    7. Clear all seven import parameters that are selected and then click Next.
    8. For the Hosts system name field, click Select existing asset and Select Host. Click OK and then click Next.
    9. Click Express Import, then click Import, then click OK.
    10. Click Close.
  2. Set the engine credentials that are needed for Discover and Analysis.
    1. Click Administration Console from the Launchpad.
    2. Click Administration tab and then click Engine Credentials under Domain Management.
    3. Select Information Server Engine and click Open Configuration and then provide the credentials for the InfoSphere DataStage® Administrator.
  3. Configure the number of jobs to start concurrently with a value that is appropriate for the environment. The default number of jobs is 100. This number might be too high for some environments, resulting in jobs failing during Discover and Analysis.
    1. Click Operations Console from the Launchpad.
    2. In Workload Management, change the value of Maximum starting jobs to 10 in 5 seconds.
  4. Enable the full functionality of the InfoSphere DataStage Operations Console.
    1. Enable and start the services by running the following commands:
      cd <Installation Directory>/Server/DSODB 
      sed ‐i.bak -e '/DSODBON=0/s/=.*/=1/' DSODBConfig.cfg 
      ./bin/ -start
    2. Check the status of the services by running the following commands:
      cd <Installation Directory>/Server/DSODB 
      ./bin/ -status
  5. If you plan to use the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Admin role, you must grant the Information Analyzer Data Admin privilege to the role. For more information, see Required security roles.