Overview of IBM InfoSphere Information Server

IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server is a data integration software platform that helps organizations derive more value from the complex, heterogeneous information spread across their systems. InfoSphere Information Server provides a single unified platform that enables companies to understand, cleanse, transform, and deliver trustworthy and context-rich information.

Introduction to InfoSphere Information Server
InfoSphere Information Server features an integrated set of product modules, or suite components, including the following: IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog, IBM InfoSphere DataStage®, IBM InfoSphere FastTrack, IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director, and IBM InfoSphere QualityStage®.

Benefits of new features, version 11.5
The new features and functionality added to IBM InfoSphere Information Server provide you with benefits in many areas. This topic describes those benefits.

Integration scenarios
Information integration is a complex activity that affects every part of an organization. To address the most common integration business problems, these integration scenarios show how you can deploy and use InfoSphere Information Server and the InfoSphere Foundation Tools components together in an integrated fashion. The integration scenarios focus on data quality within a data warehouse implementation.

Release notes
The release notes contain information that is important for the successful installation and use of the product.