Managing assets by using the command line

You can use the command line to move assets between different metadata repositories for environments such as development, test, and production. You can also query and delete common metadata assets and generate glossary assets from BI assets and logical data models.

Using the istool command line
You can import and export many types of assets, and you can perform other tasks.

Asset interchange
You can move assets between the metadata repositories of different installations of InfoSphere Information Server. For example, you can move assets from a development environment to a test, production, or source control environment, or you can migrate to a more recent version.

Common metadata assets
You can import, export, query, and delete implemented data resources, logical and physical data models, business intelligence assets and other common metadata assets.

InfoSphere Data Click assets
You can import and export activities.

InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage assets
You can move jobs, table definitions, and related assets. You can also build and deploy packages that were created in InfoSphere Information Server Manager, and send package files to client computers.

You can schedule notifications for event types and you can delete events by type and date range.

InfoSphere FastTrack assets
You can move project templates, projects, mapping specifications, mapping components and their related assets.

InfoSphere Information Analyzer assets
You can move projects, data classes, and the common metadata and reports that are associated with projects.

InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog assets
You can import and export categories, terms, information governance rules, information governance policies, and extension assets. You can import and export links to assigned assets, information assets, and links to stewards. You can also generate glossary assets from BI assets and logical data models. You can run automated services for lineage, run queries, and read Hadoop log files to create MapReduce job assets and data file assets in the metadata repository.

InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager artifacts
You can move import areas to a new version of InfoSphere Information Server or between environments, such as development, test, and production. When you move an import area, all of its staged imports, analysis information, import parameter values, and information on shared imports are moved with it. The metadata that is in the staging area is not transferred.

InfoSphere Streams assets
You can move endpoints between different InfoSphere Information Server environments.

Reporting assets
You can move reports and report results that are created in the InfoSphere Information Server  console or Web console.

Security assets
You can move users, groups, roles, and credentials for InfoSphere Information Server .